The American Wall – Vol. 1

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The American Wall, a photographic study and multidisciplinary critique of the steel wall being constructed along the U.S.-Mexico border. The purpose of the project is to raise public awareness and discussion about the intent, impact, and implications of this border wall. Since 2007 I have been photographing segments of the wall, questioning how the United States which sees itself as a champion of law, democracy, and human rights-came to engage in such a project. It is an egregious violation of human rights and a political act with global ramifications for the United States.
The wall is not only a physical symbol, but an example of a questionable national trend toward exceptionalism and exclusion. The American Wall is a photographic record of the wall segments at midday. The photos, taken in the searing heat of the desert, are stark. They reveal the tactile harshness of the metal structure and the emptiness of its surroundings. The wall repels human activity, and its construction has made barren the surrounding landscape, once rich in biodiversity. In perhaps the final irony of this photographic documentation, the heat of the borderlands melted the film, framing many of the images in random tatters.

Hardcover :
384 pages, volume I & II
Publisher :
MS Zephyr Publishing, Paris;
Date :
January 15, 2012
Language :
English, Spanish,French
Book Dimensions :
15.6 x 13 x 2.9 inches
ISBN 10 :
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